Not all vaccines are created equal.  We use Ultra vaccines that are free from unnecessary additives to reduce the risk of your cat or dog having an allergic reaction or dangerous vaccine associated tumor.   Our vaccines are half the volume of regular vaccines for the comfort of your pet. During our vaccine clinic prices are half off the regular price with an appointment, every day!   If you are inquiring about vaccines for your pet you should be asking about more than just price.  You should be asking about what type of vaccine will be injected into your pet.

Vaccines are the most important step we can take to prevent illness in our pets.  Dogs need to be vaccinated for DA2P and Rabies.  Cats need to be vaccinated for FVRCP and Rabies.  These are the core vaccines.  There are also other non-core vaccines that may be recommended for your pet depending on their lifestyle.  These may include bordetella (kennel cough), FELV (feline leukemia), or the Rattlesnake vaccine.   Our vaccines are supported by a manufacture guarantee.  If your pet becomes ill from an illness they have been vaccinated for, the cost of treatment is covered.